Tailor-made courses for your company

In addition to our open courses, we organize tailor-made courses for your company. These courses are tailored to your own daily practice and adapted to the desired training level. You can choose on-site training or online training where we welcome companies from all over the world. 

A selection of our courses, which we can adapt to your needs.

Available on-site and as online courses

Quality control of fruit and vegetables

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In this course you will learn the entire inspection process. Key training topics are assessing the product quality, the correct use of measuring equipment, and recognizing diseases and disorders. You will also learn about the biology of products, packaging, and transport/storage conditions.

Choose a product specific course

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The course focuses on a specific product or product group such as apples, grapes, mangoes, citrus, tomato or any other fruit or vegetable. We cover both basic knowledge and more in-depts topics related to post-harvest. Examples of attendees are quality inspectors, professionals in trade and sales, retailers, students, researchers and consultants.

Storage conditions and technologies

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The response of fruit and vegetables to changes in the environment is fascinating. Each product has its own optimal transport and storage conditions. In this course we discuss the importance of temperature, humidity, oxygen, carbon dioxide and ethylene. We then learn how these conditions can be influenced by using different technologies.

Modular courses

Create your own course

Modular course - We help you to make a selection of training modules that best fits to your needs.

Examples of training modules are:
• biology of the specific fruit or vegetable
• marketing standards
• quality inspection
• diseases and disorders
• harvest and packhouse
• transport and storage

Contact us to discuss the possibilities.