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Cookie declaration last updated on 20.05.2020

A cookie is a data file that is saved in your device. A cookie is not harmful and does not contain viruses.

How and why the homepage used cookies?
Cookies are necessary for the site to function properly. Cookies provide us an overview of your visits to our homepage, so we can adjust and optimize this page to your interests and requirements. For example, cookies remember if you have previously visited the page. We also use cookies to target better our ads to you. On a general level, cookies are used to show content that may be relevant to you.

For how long are the cookies saved?
The period that the cookies are saved can vary on your device. The time to expiry of a cookie is calculated from the last date you visited the page. Cookies are automatically deleted when they expired.  

How can you reject or delete your cookies?
To reject or delete your cookies, you have to change your browser settings. If you change the setting of your browser, you have to be aware that there will ve some services and functions that you will not be able to use anymore.

If you are using a PC with a recent browser version, you can delete your cookies by using this shortcut key: CTRL + SHIFT + Delete.

If the previous does not work or you are using an Apple device, you must click the link of the browser you are using.

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 P.S: Cookies are deleted per browser.